—  What is Model of The Day?

Every day at FlirtyOnes.com, we pick a Webcam Model Of The Day! Well, to be precise, Our visitors do choose a Model every day who grabs the spotlight on our Frontpage! Every visitor of our Website gets 1 Vote every day that he or she can use to vote on his/her Favorite Model!

Who doesn't love a little competition?

We brought this competition to life so we can engage our visitors into our Website and give them a chance to support their favorite Model(s)!

At the end of each day at midnight (UTC+01:00), all votes will get counted, and our New Model of The Day will take her place on The Frontpage (View Image Example). She will Remain on the Frontpage for 24 Hours until the new Model of The Day gets picked!

Example of Model of The Day on The Frontpage
Example of Model of The Day on The Frontpage

—  Can I vote on Any Model I Want?

Yes! You can vote on Any Model that you have visited in her Free Sex Chat or Private Chat. The only Model that you Can't vote on is the current Model of The Day. We do this to keep our little competition as Fair as possible so that one Model does not become Model Of The Day multiple days in a row!

—  How can I cast my vote on a Model?

When you are on the Model's Profile Page that you wish to vote on, you will see a dedicated box with the text: Vote for (Nickname). Inside that box, you will find a button on the right side that says: Vote +1 on (Nickname). After clicking on this button,

your daily vote will go to this model.

The text on the button will change into Thankyou for Voting! (View image example)

Example of The Voting Buttons
Example of The Voting Buttons

—  What is in it for the Model?

Currently, there are no special prizes given to any model who manages to get the most votes and become our Model of The Day. For now, the Model will only receive the honor of our visitor's support and a great chance to get Extra Traffic to her chatroom because she is in the spotlight of our Frontpage. In any way, this Extra Traffic that the Model will receive could be of Great Value to her!

In some time, we are looking to send Gifts/Credits to models who Increase their Popularity on Our Website and engage a lot with our Loyal Visitors! These could be Daily Prizes or Weekly. Keep in mind that these are Future Ideas, and we will update this page as soon as we roll out any reward program.

—  Are Models allowed to vote on themselves?

Yes, Models are allowed to vote on themselves! We make no difference in Models or Visitors, So anyone who visits our website will get One Daily Vote and can use this vote however they like. No model or visitor has to worry about flaws in the voting system. When we get Any Signs of Cheating or Abuse in Voting, we will exclude the Involved Model out of the Daily Results. In the Case of Repeatedly trying to Cheat our Voting System, the model could face Exclusion out of The Competition for Several Weeks.

  This page was Last Updated on 12 Oktober 2020

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