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39 Years Old  /   Female
I will be addressed as Mistress Desired unless I instruct otherwise. I am a very beautiful sensual Mistress with a fit and athletic body to worship. I am a powerful and irresistible woman! I am the kind of Dominant Lady you thought only existed in your dreams: classy, sophisticated, intelligent, creative, yet powerful. My proficient skills will excite and intimidate you, but My intuitive nature will make you feel safe in your submission to Me.Those of you who know how to talk to and present yourself to Dominant women will have luck. Most of you are disabled by desire. Your frantic, naked neediness pushes woman away. Still, you have those wonderfully perverse dreams. They would be nightmares to ordinary men. They can never understand you. Race has no place in female domination. The skin color or ethnicity of a Domme is irrelevant. Submissive men should be grateful Mistress Desired with the gift of dominance offers them the slightest attention. Be financially prepared to properly serve Me! Free chat is not where you worship Me or where a play session takes place. If you want to serve you know what button to hit.

















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  What i love: My fantasies and services I enjoy providing: Domination (from light to heavy), Body Worship, Foot Fetishes(all kinds) CBT,SPH,CEI, small cock- Strap-on Training,- Dildos, Butt Plugs, Vibrators, Spanking,Leather,Shoe, Boots,Smoking,Humiliation, etc

  What i don't love: I will BAN immediately if I am offended in any way by the sexual nature of any material. Mistress Desired DO NOT HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WHIT HER SUBMISSIVES!

  Usually online: 05.00 - 17.00 Monday till Friday!

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