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20 Years Old  /  Female
The best magic in the world is when you interact with a person and manages to make you feel any type of desire and the need to feel close. Come in and have a good time ... I love to interact with strangers, advance to sexual levels… and I consider that timing is everything. For those who enter my room: Please be RESPECTFUL. I am not a robot and therefore I am not excite excited 24 hours, much less will I be quickly excited by the amount of credits. It doesn't work like that with me. I won't fake a show and I won't run to do it either. Let's learn to communicate, lead the situation, be polite. If you feel that the interaction is not reciprocal, let us know in a public post on my profile or in a direct message. I am not afraid of a negative evaluation, I am aware that I always do everything very well and within the established parameters of the page. If you are rude and impatient with me, I will remove you from my room, no matter how many credits you have. Be human. A kiss for everyone. ♡..
















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What i love: everything excite me, i love to amke you cum hard for me, i love to have fun and play all day.

What i don't love: rude and negative people, hacer todo rapidamente

Usually online: i try to be online everytime you need me.
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