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20 Years Old  /   Female
I am bubbly, energetic and hardworking. I love outfits so will be showcasing many looks with lots of different types of lingerie. If you like shoes I also have many heels an boots to go s well. My hobbies include sports (badminton and tennis mainly) but I am also a religious gym goer and used to do weightlifting when I was younger. I love a good strip tease with dancing and certain songs I can perform with singing. I can also speak a bit of Japanese and have watched a huge amount of anime so I would love it if people would share their favourites. I will also be doing cosplays in the future.I am comfortable with getting naked and masturbating but want to entertain people so will set up events such as game night and sexy quiz's and things like poker. Everything I will plan will go on my social media. I am only just starting so it will take time to do everything I want to do (please be patient). I will also help explore fetishes when i can and can film a specific vedio on request. I currently study maths at uni (but this is kind of irrelevant).

















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  What i love: I love learning new things and have many hobbies. I am in the process of drawing some sexy pictures for my room now.

  What i don't love: I am quite vanilla and am more girlfriend material than extremist. I don't like using but plugs and don't have the toys for anal stuff yet.

  Usually online: I will be online on average every two days but at the start of the week I will post on social media my schedule then go by that.

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