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45 Years Old  /  Female
I am experienced in domination, sadistic but atentive, bitchy but intelligent and classy Dominatrix. I prefer to interact with my subs with 2 ways cameras and 2 ways audio. So, please, make sure your speakers are on and you are ready to introduce yourself. Be poilite, articulate, generous, spoil me and serve meI am a pro, RT Dominatrix, a real Mistress, I am here to drain you and your wallets dry, guys.What Turns Me On is the feel, the touch, the scent, the color, the crisp of new bank notes, I love to improve quality of my life and I enjoy having total control. So, money is the only reason why I am here. Before some of you get offended I offer you to ask yourself, what do you prefer, my crystal clear straightness and honesty and as a result, my respect to subs or you would rather prefer soaking, floating in the ocean of illusions and lie, considering yourself online playboys, who plenty of models fancy, craving your attention? It’s a tough choice !Truth is healing.Forget this ”hru bb, u r so sexy mmm” here. This  grimace doesn’t suit you. Be yourself! Do not lie yourself. Give in. If you are here  it means only one simple thing,  that there is nobody in your real life who would be willing to please you sexually just because you are who you are. Nobody. Feel this gape. Look into this yawning chasm of hunger for meaning, hunger for love inside you. Look, gaze intently, accepting the truth.  But  in my chatroom you can be yourself without any judgmental: a whining loser,  a sissy, or just a nerdy virgin boy, tiny dicked,  or just ruined  emotionally, devastated half  of a man, doesn’t matter. Serving me and worshipping me you’ll get  this spark back,  the meaning  and feeling of life back, I’ll  even recover  your self-respect and lost puzzles if you’ll  be good.Pay, loser boy, going to be fun! ^-^
















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What i love: obedience,fat wallets, well-mannered, well-bred loyal slave boys, generosity, intellect, erudition, sincerity, openness.Things we also can practice besides pure findom are: SM, breathcontrol, mummification, humiliation, including verbal, public

What i don't love: I only dominate, so you may not expect me to do anything for you here, you are here to please me, not another way around. If you do need my attention, plan to use c2c, use VIP chat or be ready to tip maximum, have some elemental human respect

Usually online: 11 am- 1 am GMT, Monday through Friday.
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