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29 Years Old  /  Female
Well hello there. Welcome to my profile/room. I am a Dominant Woman,as my nickname says it too,but..I'm not the basic Mistress you will find around..Leave your expectations to the door and prepare yourself for a mesmerizing experience with me. I am interesing combo of sensuality,dominance,intelligence,beauty and flexible skills. Once you get to know the real me,you will never want,think of,or need another Mistress ,except me. On my profile,you will see different aspects and facets of myself..you will see me as a bellydancer,as a dominatrix,as a powerful woman with strong feminine energy,enjoying life. Besides guiding men to their true essence, I live for dance and my body cells vibrate on the rhythm of music. I am a professional bellydancer with 19 years of experience and I like to express that with every chance I get to. I'm a vegan as I love animals more then humans and I have a high RESPECT for Mother Earth and planet itself. I love to read,I am a true bookworm that devour everything I can lay my hands on,with self-development and esoteric/spiritual subjects. If you want to be my"best friend"/lover/submissive you need to learn how to respect Women,in all ways. Feminine energy has gained a lot of teritory lately,becoming stronger because Women have learned how to take back their power and strength. Did you know that at the beginning of times, Matriarchy system was ruling the world? A perfect system where Women were the true power,while men were nothing but their accesories? Be aware guys,those times might get back soon so you need to be prepared! I am going to teach you how to work with your sexual energy,I am going to guide you and help you direct it right where it belongs. So..before joining my pvt,shut down your mind and let yourself fly on the wings of the Unknown..
















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What i love: Reading books,spending time in nature and playing with my pets is what makes me the happiest person, Happiness is a state of mind and it's always coming from the inside

What i don't love: I don't like rude and disrespectful people around here.Beggars are also such a turn off of a good mood.Learn how to respect Women!

Usually online: i don't have a fixed schedule but most of the time during the day. Sometimes in the morning,other times in the afternoon..some other times i might be around in the evening
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