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24 Years Old  /  Female
Hello everyone) I'm Liza) In general, I came here, to be honest, out of interest ... My interests are in studying the work of social mechanisms .. it's very interesting especially when you don't know anything about it ) Ha-ha) Maybe there are psychologists or sociologists among you?) Let's talk, why are there so many hot men here?) In general, I did not grow up in the richest family, so as a consequence I want to see the whole world, not just my village) Very I want to visit Vienna ... I think this is the best place to start to see the world) What do you think? There are other options? By the way, I studied makeup for 3 years and now I can draw a pony on your cheek) Hahahahah) I haven't found anything more interesting from a hobby than cycling and passive rest) So if you want to passively relax, I'm waiting for you) Even if a little active, but then tell me how male psychology works !!))
















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What i love: I like to watch my pet grow) Golden Retriever) And together with my pet I grow 4 avocados))) A large hostess !!!

What i don't love: I don't like it when I have to wash the floors against my will !!! Because my dog wanted it so !!!

Usually online: There is no constant schedule, but this is because I am like a butterfly ... here and there .. Catch me and you and I will be a star couple)
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