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20 Years Old  /  Female
Hello everyone) I'm a cute girl next door) It looks like I need salt?) In general, I really like to draw) I can draw your portrait in 30 minutes) True, there is no special time to draw yet ... I live with my parents, but I really want to move and live separately, a familiar situation?) Then you know exactly how to help me) Come to me and distract me from my hustle and bustle) Also, after looking at my photo shoots, you can draw conclusions what images I like for adult games)) Already found? ) Hihi, not at all as good as it seems at first glance?) I also dream of seeing Everest, will it be cool if we do it together?) I also love poetry ... What are your favorite writers? Maybe we are the same fate of the same universe? 😊Guys, Everyone already knows that I will have a birthday on August 8 and I ... ATTENTION ... I am arranging a birthday party for my beloved boys 😊 Honestly, I want to see everyone 😊 We will arrange a funny cake with you, candles and make a guess ... What would you think of if the answer was definitely "yes"?😊 Hot VIP shows just for you and only with you!
















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What i love: I like super interesting stories and very sweet chocolates) What will you choose?)

What i don't love: There is little that can upset me ... Is that ... a little rude from you? Although it can be arousing ... Not good. I'll think about it)

Usually online: I'm ready for an adventure at any time of the day! just call me ;)
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