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28 Years Old  /  Female
How does your morning begin? Mine - from a cup of hot, scalding espresso. When I take the first sip, my eyes open. After the second, I start to smile. And my smile means that the day will be wonderful. And I am ready to share this day with you. If you stay in my room, you might get to know me a little better. I have something that all men love. Can you guess what it is? Okay, I'll tell you my secret. Everyone says I have great legs. Nice legs are a luxury, right? I invite you for a cup of coffee and beauty. Don't miss this moment. This moment will not be repeated, but there will be one more. So good to see you here! Our good communication should start with "hello goddess")) hihey I hope you will be nice to me) I think I'm cute, but not for everyone, I don't trust people so easily, but I love communication, especially when our tastes coincide) and no matter what .. it can be both sex and a hobby and of course food .. I think you noticed that I often eat, because goddesses need strength) hehe! Let's do something new and fun, enjoy life) ..... I love men with brains, a gentleman always knows how to satisfy a girl like me)) I have a small hobby, I love drives a man crazy ... but how I do it - this is my secret (for the elite) and you have this opportunity) to become the chosen one)) my character is my mood)) from sweet and gentle, I can become rough and passionate, and it all can be so lightning strike ... try and feel)) Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war)) for this I can be different and I think that many already know this, that's why my nickname is so sexy))when i'm hungry i'm very angry ... and by the way you can make me kinder) see my albums) hihi
















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What i love: I just love lingerie madly. Oh yes, this is probably my fetish. And I love men, haha. Lingerie and men - what could be better. It's hot, it excites the imagination

What i don't love: in my room my rules apply. They are not complicated and not very strict. I think you and I will find a common language

Usually online: I wait for you in the morning. But I dedicate Wednesday and Sunday to my feet
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