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31 Years Old  /  Female
I am a warm, cheerful, person, who likes to keep the smile on her face and try to make the same for you. I consider myself sweet, sexy, fun, talkative, friendly person, who likes to make many ,many friends, who likes to open to you and wants to discover you just as you are.I love meeting new people, so let's chat! I am 99% angel,but oh,that 1% *))) I love cam to cam so please do not hesitate to show yourself. But,in the same time i will respect your intimity if you don't feel confortable to show yourself,so don't worry. If you want to seriously ramp up the sexual tension take me to a place where I won't be distracted by others. Lead the situation by taking me somewhere quiet and continue to build rapport further. I will be worth it,I promise I like to keep the open chat a clean, fun and friendly place to hang out for all people. So this are some minimum rules I would like all to follow: -😊- Use them moderately. -Don't spam the chat! Don't be rude with me or other customers in room. -Do not beg! If you don't aford to be here, be a man, log off and get a job. If you wanna join the conversation you are more than welcome. "Show tits","Show ass" do not count as conversation. -And most important have fun and stay naked! Keep it clean and enjoy!I don't respond well to macho types who disrespect woman. I love to laugh! Can you make me laugh? Don't be hurry and don't be rude and you will get more. 😊
















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What i love: Meeting new people in my room, nice talks.I am a girl so guys you know how make me happy I love gifts, vip chat and tips will be better than a compliment ,) and of course I love orgasms.😊

What i don't love: I like everything!😊

Usually online: when I have time! but if you add me to the favorites you will always know when I will be online so do not forget to get me to favorites!😊😊
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