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20 Years Old  /  Female
HEY YOU!!! YES IT'S ME AND I AM PERFECT!!! ahaha you have any doubts? bring urself to me and check it))) recently I am online mostly in evenings, in mornings I sleep long and skip the study))) then go for it, pretend being a good girl in the eyes of my professors ahah but then... you know what's happening after? after I am here...!!! and you will be happy when I am here ahah)) why? because I'm not a fake. I'm sincere, I really do listen to you and hear you, I don't pretend that I'm curious in getting to know you better, I don't bullshit you around after going offline, I don't gossip with others about stuff which you share with me, I'm decent, well-educated, it's important for me to be THE ONE who people I care about are proud of, I want to be THE ONE for you too. I charge from this. I am happy when you are happy. This can't be fake, right? otherwise you would for sure notice this. what else do you need to know about me? I've already said I'm a student, my name is Anna btw)) I study foreign languages, dream of travelling around the world with my friends and ofc some worthy guy) hah when I find him) for now haven't found yet))) so, I'm single, free, open-minded, easy-going and veeeerrrrryyyy flexible ahaha)))))) (nothing bad, I love gymnastics)))and I am here for you. To pay all my attention to you to decide what's this going for with us. I will be pleased and glad to see you around)) Come!)
















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What i love: I should think about it, many things make me happy, but I can't say I am very experienced with guys so this is the place also for myself to search and find out what can excite me... What if you help me with this?

What i don't love: Are here any such things which I might not like? Which ones for example?

Usually online: I planned to be in mornings before the study and in evenings after the study, on weekends probably also during the day, or at night?)) depends on your plans too, actually, if it's fun I will be here more!! we can always deal, ok?))) kisses***
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